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Frequently asked questions.

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Do you serve international markets?

Yes we do. Through internet communications it is just as easy and convenient for you to work with us, as it would be to use a local service provider. However, we are much more adept at serving the English speaking world communities.

Of course you can. As with anything else though, you more often than not, get what you pay for.

Many clients come to us after receiving bitter experiences and inferior results after going the cheap route.

It is also important to understand that your company or brand image is usually the first thing that potential clients will judge you by. A shoddy image will only be detrimental to your business or brand. The best advice is to wait until your budget allows for procuring professional services, rather than trying to get away cheap and spoiling your image.

Paying a deposit is common practice in almost every business transaction where custom products or services are being acquired. It gives the service provider the peace of mind of knowing that there is zero to little risk of loss being incurred for custom services or products that are being developed or manufactured for the client.

Unfortunately, there are many shady operators in every industry, and there is more often than not, a risk involved when doing business with any company. The risk on your part, can be mitigated by ensuring that you are dealing with a reputable and professional company. We have a proven track record and references are available for the skeptics.

Furthermore, our clients can use PayPal as a means of payment, whereby the full amount quoted for our services can be lodged as an authorisation. This is valid for 30 days, after which it can be reauthorised for a further 30 days. Where this facility is used, a contract is entered into whereby we will only charge the PayPal account after the completion of work. Recourse is available to the client through PayPal if the service provider charges the client’s account prior to the contract being fulfilled.

Domains and Hosting
I would like to transfer an existing domain for my new website

We assist all our clients with domain transfers. You are more than welcome to request this service from us when we are developing or upgrading your website.

We offer a managed hosting solution to our clients that is based on a powerful VPS hosted with Amazon Web Services, that offers superior performance, stability and uptime. Our managed hosting service also includes website maintenance, updates and backups.

The advantage of signing up for our managed hosting not only means you get a one-stop service provider for your website, but you also get the benefits of powerful, full-resource hosting at the fraction of the price of having your own VPS. Furthermore, you get the benefit of having the server managed and maintained by experts.

In our opinion, this would depend on the primary markets that you serve. If your company or products are served exclusively, or mainly to a South African market, then you would be better off with a .co.za domain. This provides an immediate indication to your customers, that you are South African based.

It is also good practice to register a .com domain as well for your business, if it is available as per your .co.za domain.

Regardless of the extension, all domain names must follow the same character rules… You can use letters (abc), numbers (123) and dashes/hyphens (—). Spaces are not allowed and the domain can’t begin or end with a dash.

A little known fact is that you CAN have multiple dashes right next to each other. (e.g. domain–names.com) Opened up a few more possibilities?

Hire us for your project.
We are a premium graphic and web design agency offering professional, value for money services.

We can help you realise your project to it’s potential no matter how big or small, and with no headaches. We’ll take care of your project needs independently, or through step-by-step interaction with you. When you work with us, it’s all about you.


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